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BEG 92

BoKlok Wall line

Article: BEG 92

Article: Wall line consisting of Framing Machine FM3000,  Nailing Bridge NB1000, Nailing Bridge NB3000 portal, portal stations, butterfly turning tables, workstations, building element movement conveyors.  

BoKlok's previous wall-producing machine line is now for sale! This machine has served them well at their Modular factory in Gullringen, Småland, Sweden. It was built and commissioned in 2015, and has been operational until 2021. They have upgraded their machine park with a ZeroLabor wall line. The maximum possible wall-producing length is 7000mm, and the width ranges from 2100 to 2700mm. It is made up of the framing machine FM3000, the nailing bridge NB1000 (semi-automatic portal), the nailing bridge NB3000 portal, portal stations, butterfly turning tables, and workstations, as well as various types of building element movement conveyors.

BEG 88 Window lifter

Window lifter Second hand

Article: BEG 88

Technical description: Vacuum lift device unit for handling of windows

Max element weight 125 kg

Four vacuum cups diameter 210 mm. Electrical vacuum pump, Capacity: 8m³/h

Acoustic warning for low vacuum

Electrical tiltable 90 degrees

For US electrical system, 480V / 3-phase / 60Hz

Chain hoist frequency driven 2/8 m/min

The unit is handled by radio communication

BEG 84, 85 and 86 Roller conveyor 2,4 M x 3

Roller conveyor Second Hand

Article: BEG 84, 85 and 86

Article: Roller conveyor 2,4 M x 3