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ZeroLabor Robotic System
Autowall incl ZeroLabor

ZeroLabor Cell

ZeroLabor in brief

Cutting-edge data-driven Robotic System solution, that automates various working processes. Customizable to meet specific requirements and can be integrated into an existing production line or operate independently.

Automates various tasks with ease! Whether producing walls, floors, or roof elements, the ZeroLabor Robotic Sheathing boasts faster speed and enhanced capabilities. Choose from a configuration of two to five robots.

The system can sheet the building element with multiple different layers. Recycle bins with the possibility to separate materials, i.e. OSB and plasterboard in different bins. Next bigger sheet function, robotic saw tool, robotic gluing, separated sheet handling, tool changing for end tools on the router, and advanced tongue and groove capability.

Skärmklipp till ZeroLabor 15 feb 2024


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