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AutoFloor System


AutoFloor in brief

The Randek AutoFloor system is the world´s most automatic production system for floor elements, floor cassettes, roof ceilings and roof elements.


  • Automatic Nailing
  • Automatic milling of openings for plumbing and electronic installations
  • Automatic cutting of sheets and openings
  • Automatic gluing
  • Automatic marking with inkjet, marking of inner walls various placement information etc
  • Automatic adding/handling of sheets including automatic handling of tongue and grove in sheets
  • Automatic and flexible support making it possible to produce complex non square floors/roofs/ceilings
  • Open jig solution for effective and ergonomically working conditions
  • Double jig solution for effective production and high utilization of the automatic bridge
  • Effective and automatic handling of sheets of various heights/thicknesses
  • Effective and automatic material handling of the ready produced components, they are effectively transported to loading position.