Stucco System

PM001 is a system for automatic application of stucco on vertically standing wall elements. The system consists of a in-feed track, stucco zone and out-feed track. During the production process the following steps are done automatically: transport of wall element, gluing, press of styrofoam, milling of top side of the styrofoam, placement of reinforcement net, application of stucco, vibration of reinforcement net into stucco, leveling of stucco and cutting of reinforcement net. The system is CAD/CAM-controlled.


  • High quality and precise application of stucco on vertically standing wall elements.
  • CAD/CAM-controlled.
  • Wall is in vertical position giving the following benefits compared to horizontal position: easy access of the wall for manual work, space saving, application of stucco doesn’t have to be in traditional wall production line.
  • Effective process, the wall needs only to pass through the system 2 times because the reinforcement net is applied and cut while the wall is in motion without stop. When stopping the surface of the stucco is damaged by for example the steel plates.
  • Guaranteed straight top side of the styrofoam because it is milled.