Roof Board Machine

Randek Roof Board Machine is a machine developed for effective production of roof boards. The roof boards are made of tongue-and-groove timber. The production process is semi-automatic; the operator puts the timber in the machine and then starts the process for automatic clamping, nailing, cutting and stacking.

Functional description

  • Pull the timber into the Roof Board Machine from the lifting table.
  • Initiate the automatic process for: clamping, nailing, cutting and stacking.
  • The first roof board in each stacked pile needs to be adjusted by the operator all the others are automatically stacked.

Technical description

  • Height approx. 1050 mm.
  • The dimensions of the machine are approx. 5,5 m x 0,9 m.
  • The production cycle time is approx. 25 – 30 s.
  • On the table there is a longitude fixed stop.
  • Across the table there is an adjustable stop that is appraisable.
  • Below the table there is a chain conveyor for out-feed of the roof board.
  • The roof board is fed to a lifting table that is automatically adjusted to the right height level after each stacking process.
  • The movement of the nailing guns is done by air cylinders; the stroke is approx. 800 mm. The nailing guns slides over the timber with a shoe and the nailing is done without stopping for each nail.
  • 5 nail-gun-holders whereof 3 are adjustable and 2 are fixed, there 1 nail-gun-holder on each side of the saw-unit. Each roof board is nailed and cut to the right length in one process and the next roof board is nailed in one row. At the position of each nail-gun-holder is a clamping cylinder and a down holder mounted, these are attached to the nail-gun-holders.
  • The nailing is initiated from a rail-system. The rail is easily adjusted to three different nailing distances.
  • Nailing tools are not included.
  • Testing of the machine is done at Randek BauTech before delivery; the customer delivers testing material to Randek BauTech.


  • The machine is equipped with safety stop.
  • According to 98/37/EC.
  • CE-marked.


  • Effective and high-quality production of roof board

Dimension roof boards

  • Length, max 4 800 mm, min 1 200 mm.
  • Width, max 620 mm, min 520 mm.
  • Thickness, max 21 mm, min 17 mm.


Lifting Table - LB, in-feed table, out-feed table, Randek BauTech lifting table is used to lift timber packages. Rails can be mounted on and adjoining to the lifting table, timber wagons run on the rails making the in-feed and out-feed of timber packages effective.

Timber Wagon - VV, Randek BauTech timber wagon is used for effective in-feed and out-feed of timber packages.

Rail for Timber Wagon – SVV, Randek BauTech rail for timber wagon is used for effective in- and out-transport of timber packages.

Rail for Timber Wagon, upraised – SVVH, Randek BauTech upraised rail for timber wagon is used for effective in- and out-transport of timber packages.

Counter for Roof Board Machine – RTLM, Randek BauTech counter for roof board machine is used for effective counting of roof boards in order to be able to produce the correct quantity of roof boards without time consuming manual counting.