Beam Insulating Machine

Randek BauTech Beam Insulation Machine.                        Detailed view of an insulated beam.
Beam Insulation machine before production cycle initiated.   Beam Insulation Machine during production cycle.

Randek Beam Insulating Machine is developed for production of insulated beams. The insulation creates better energy conditions in the building component where the beam is placed. The Beam Insulating Machine can also be used of economic reason when joining small dimension timber together. Large dimension timber is often expensive.

Functional description

  • Place beams, nailing plates, and insulation on the pressing table.
  • Start the automatic production process, the beam is fixed, pushed into the press, pressed together to a finished insulated beam and fed out to the operator.

Technical description

  • 5 individual movable press units, press power approx. 5000kg/press unit.
  • The press table is equipped with movable stops for the beam on two sided of the table.
  • The beam is positioned and aligned to the right measures with pneumatic clamping unit.
  • The machine requires a surface of 1200 x 3500 mm excl. storage of material.

Beam dimensions

  • Length, max 2700 mm
  • Width, min 215, max 270 mm
  • Thickness, 45 mm


  • The machine is equipped with safety stop
  • According to regulation 98/37/EC
  • CE-marked
  • The pressing is done with a two-hand maneuver.


  • Production cycle approx. 60s.


  • Effective production of Insulated Beams.