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Randek Prestudy

The Randek Prestudy is a service provided by Randek aiming to find the most optimal and suitable automation system for a given customer. Randek will assign a project leader to lead the development/configuration and define a leadtime for the automation system after the project. The prestudy can contain elements of utilizing existing automation equipment within the Randek automation portfolio as well as designing new machines/systems clearly defined based on customer request. The cost for the prestudy will be agreed before it is initated. The prestudy will specify the recommended equipment based on: available production surface, capacity demand, automation level, acceptable staffing and existing/future building system of the customer. During prestudy containing customized development of new systems the agreement can also include building and/or testing of prototypes. Randek has an extensive experience of developing new systems for pre-fab automation and some of existing systems has been developed during prestudy agreeements i.e. some functions within the AutoEye, ZeroLabor and AutoWall product range.

Randek Prestudy outcomes:

(The agreed prestudy does not necessarily need to contain all elements listed below, scope/cost for prestudy will be agreed and specified in the prestudy contract)
• A detailed layout adapted to fit the available customer production surface
• 2D/3D-visulazion of the automation equipment.
• Simulation of the production equipment.
• Capacity level of specified production equipment based on building system of the customer
• Development of new functions/systems based on customer request.
• Building/testing of new developed functions/systems
• Technical specification of defined machines/system in prestudy
• Delivery time for the specified automation equipment
• Quotation including investment level of automation equipment.

Customer Study - Arcabo

Holland based company Arcabo Europe's largest specialist in chalet construction, made the smart cost-effective decision to buy a pre-study.

Why did you choose Randek?

We are very satisfied with Radek’s delivery on our first combined Wall/Floor/roof panel line, which we bought 2007. The communication is very informal. The quality of Randek equipment is according to our expectations.

What are the 3 top advantages of ordering a Randek prestudy?

- We got confirmed that the robots can handle the sheets as we want them to be handled. - As a result of the pre-study we got confirmed cycle times on the various stations. - After the pre-study Randek gave Arcabo a budgeted price required for Arcabo’s pre-calculation to get a realistic investment budget. Also, the return on sales of the investment could be calculated by Arcabo.