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By proactively working with maintenance you can achieve a significantly improved lifespan of your production equipment and maintain high quality end-product. Randek has a well developed methodology for maintenance of production equipment for prefabricated house production. The extent of maintenance that is motivated depends on customer requirements and production equipment. Randek develops a customized maintenance program together with the customer.

Overview of maintenance services

Maintenance is divided into two categories corrective maintenance and preventive maintenance. By proactively working with preventive maintenance the corrective maintenance can be minimized. Corrective maintenance is associated with high costs due to: the need for correction comes unscheduled, can lead to customer losses, unproductive working hours for the operators and inability to plan activities effectively.

Preventive maintenance

Scientific studies shows that the total cost of maintenance can be reduced by working proactively with preventive maintenance. The preventive maintenance is divided into two categories, routine maintenance and major recurring maintenance. The routine maintenance is done by Randek or by the customer after carried out training. The major recurring maintenance efforts should be carried out by or with Randek. A customized program is developed, depending on the complexity of the production equipment. Usually it is motivated to make yearly or biannual point efforts to ensure the long-term operation of the production equipment.

Corrective maintenance

Despite working proactively with preventive maintenance, thus minimizing the cost for corrective maintenance, situations when corrective maintenance is required will come. Randek educates the customer what to do when corrective maintenance is needed and develops checklists to diagnose cause of the error. Support from Randek can be offered, by telephone and / or via VPN connection directly to the customer’s production equipment.

Spare parts

To work proactively with a strategy for supply of spare parts minimizes downtime costs at breakdown. Randek develops together with the customer a list of recommended spare parts to keep in stock. Part of the stock can be held by Randek, the strategy for spare part supply is customized depending on customer requirements and production equipment.


Randek offers a training program that helps the customer to perform part of the preventive and corrective maintenance itself. The degree of customer performed maintenance can vary; the specific training program that is required is developed for each situation and customer.

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