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Global Support

We provide high quality service through knowledgeable and responsive technical support.

Randek support staff

Our support staff has the possibility to troubleshoot to all customers globaly via remote connection, we can in most cases also update the software remotely and monitor your equipment.

Service Level Agreements

We have different Service Level Agreements (SLA) which includes annual scheduled maintenance to keep your equipment in top condition and to help you protect your investment and secure the production.

Skilled technicians

Skilled technicians and software engineers at your service along with preventive maintenance reduce the risk of sudden breakdown.

We offer

We can offer you a Service Level Agreement (SLA) tailored to your needs, which includes annual maintenance to keep your equipment in top condition and in case of a sudden breakdown we can start working on the case in a very short notice depending on the chosen service level. All to keep stops in the production as short as possible.


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+46 346-55 770
+1 (678) 781-1560