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Truss System NT

Truss System in Brief

Randek Truss System NT produces roof trusses with C-press heads, movable permanent magnet fixtures against a steel floor and one of our many crane systems

The truss frame is placed on permanent magnet fixtures, and positioned at the truss joints. The C-press, suspended from one of the crane systems is moved by hand or with engines from fixture to fixture pressing all the joints. The optimal press and crane choice depends on the conditions of the factory and what kind of nail plates are used. With accessories such as supports, excentric fasteners and truss top supports, the truss is shaped into the correct form before pressing.

  • Press heads from 23 - 50 tonne
  • Wall-mounted crane, Column mounted crane, Overhead crane, Light overhead crane and counterbalanced crane
  • Flexible system allows the production of all kinds of trusses