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Randek is an automation company that specialize in assisting companies to maximize their profitability through innovative automation.  At Randek Robotics, our greatest strength is our talented team of engineers, providing the complete spectrum of design, mechanical and electrical engineering, programming, risk assessments, commissioning and CE-marking, all supported by in-house manufacturing and extensive assembly capabilities. We provide a complete package, from project collaboration and initial designs to a turn key system assembled and tested at our Arvika facility.

Since our creation we have designed and built a large number of automation equipment across a wide spectrum of industries such as furniture, foundries, mechanical workshops, food, engineering, automotive, housing prefab and much more.

We also complete sub-contract work in machining and water cutting and we are reseller for brands such as Colombo Electric Spindles and Bosch Rexroth among others.


We have vast experience with robotic stacking/de-stacking and material handling.  Our solutions range from simple to advanced, with vision systems and conveyor tracking. We believe in a collaborative approach where we work closely with our customer to develop exactly the right system for their needs. Randek Robotics is a system integrator meaning we develop, test and deliver all systems in-house before installing and commissioning at the customers location.

System integrators

When systems come together. Being system integrators, we are challenged daily by our customers different needs when choosing an automation system. This means we have vast knowledge and experience when it comes to producing different systems/solutions for our customers.

*   PLC: Beckhoff, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Omron and others

*   Pneumatics: Festo, SMC, Schmalz and others

*   Motors/drives: Nord, SEW, Bosch Rexroth, Mitsubishi and others

*   Vision systems: Sick, Cognex and others

*   Robot systems: Kuka, ABB, Fanuc, Mitsubishi and others.

*   Randek Robotics is an official KUKA partner

Partner in every phase of the project

Our experts offer support during every phase of the machine life cycle. Maximum benefits and highest productivity are our top priority ensuring our aim of long-term and successful partnerships.


Randek Robotics has been honored with several awards though the years, we were recognized with the top 5 innovations award at Hive 50 award as the first non-American company ever for our Zero labor robotic line. We were also rewarded with Kuka Nordics “Application of the year” award for the Zero Labor line and our 3d floor milling line.