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Investment: ZeroLabor / Complete System, Robotic wall production line for production of exterior/interior walls.

Start of business: 1990

Time for investment: 2020

Country: Sweden

Reference: Johan Gustavsson, Project Manager

Owner: Södra group

Trivselhus delivered almost 300 homes in 2019 in the form of villas and other types of family homes. The company has about 220 employees and is part of the forest group Södra.

How has the interface worked between Randek and Trivselhus during introduction?

"Randek has been very responsive to our expectations and we received a final tender that was within the technical specifications and our budget. At Trivselhus we work in project groups. All participants are expected to give their input from their respective fields. It is always a compromise in the end between finance and other aspects. With intensive participation and cooperation, the outcome always turns out well."

Why was Randek chosen as your supplier?

"In this tender process different suppliers were approached. Randek came up with a complete technical solution to our specification and they are well known in the industry for quality."

What is the main reason for this investment?

"Our owner Södra group, believe and invest in Trivselhus. We are right now involved in building a new production line. Located in Sweden, Landsbro."

What outcome of the new system do you expect?

"We are in a transition period from manual to automated production. Automation is a prerequisite for the planned increase in production. This will result in a good workplace environment, efficiency and high quality."

Why did you choose robot technique for automation?

"Our prefabricated wall segments fit into this technique. Our product fits into Randek and Randek Robotics ZeroLabor , which we have studied and concluded it to be a perfect solution. We have great confidence in Randek Robotics and their extensive experience in this field. We visited them in Arvika and saw a similar wall production line. We have high expectation in this and together with Randek we will make it a success."