Investment: Zero Labor Robotics System (Compact) for wall production.

Start of business: 2006

Time for investment: 2019

Country: Canada

Reference: Operation Manager Tim Maendel at Riverbend Building Supply Ltd

Riverbend Building Supply Ltd is a part of the Riverbend colony, which was originally established in 1969 near Carberry, Manitoba, Canada. In 2006, colony entrepreneurs decided to expand their skill set from farming alone to building—partly because designing and erecting farm structures was already a large part of the operation.

Riverbend Building Supply Ltd has as the first Canadian component supplier to the housing industry invested in Zero Labor Robotics System for wall production. The ZeroLabor Robotic System is set-up as a compact solution. The system will handle sheets, nail/screw, do cut outs and handle waste all processes performed in one cell. All automated processes are controlled directly from CAD-file. ZeroLabor Robotic System (Compact) will help Riverbend Building Supply to achieve higher productivity and quality level.

What was the basis for the investment?

“We were looking for an automated panel system, and Randek stuck out to us as an efficient and viable option. We originally did not plan on going with the ZeroLabor system. Once seen in action, the overall cost of the system was easily justified with the efficiency, speed and quality that we would gain.”

Your first and foremost reason for the investment?

"We want to supply a consistent and a high quality panel to our customers."

What will be the main benefits of the system for you?

"Main benefits of the system will be, we will have the capability to supply a high quality panel, at close to double the speed that we currently are."