Investment: Module production line, floor production line, Randek SPL728 cut saw, butterfly tables etc.

Start of business: 1993

Time for investment: 2019

Country: Sweden

Reference: Operation Manager Michael Johansson at Remodul AB

Remodul AB is one of Sweden´s leading companies when it comes to building module sheds. They produce about 425 modules per year, 33 employees. Originally it was 4 companies which joined and started Remodule AB. Their customers are mainly from Scandinavia.

What is the background for the investment?

“We needed to speed up our production since the competition on our market is increasing. We see it as a long-term investment to be able to produce more modules, more efficiently!”

How did the sales process go about?

"The sales process took about a year from our first contact until the deal was closed. We visited Randek workshop in Falkenberg and did other reference visits together. Randek sales reps visited us to discuss and work out the perfect solution."

What do you think about the new machine lines / products?

"Both we and our personnel are very satisfied with the machine lines and their functions. We have upgraded to this kind of module production and we are very proud of that!"

What is the reason you chose Randek as a supplier?

"We have bought from Randek before. Our gut feeling based on the quality from former deliveries and the way we were treated / listened to by the Randek sales representatives made it an easy decision."

Anything else you would like to add?

"Remodule and Randek have built up a strong working relationship due to this deal and we see Randek as our evident partner in the future."