Investment: Equipment for prefabricated multi storey house modules.

Produces and sells prefabricated multi storey house modules, 2 – 4 storeys, built in timber frame. The house modules are used for student homes, family homes and senior homes.

Key figures
Turnover: 40 M€
Number of employees: 150
Start of business: 1924
Production quantity: 8-10 modules/day
Time for investment: 1980, 2006
Country: Sweden
Reference: Stefan Lindbäck

Why did Lindbäcks Bygg choose to invest in equipment for industrialized house production?

Lindbäcks Bygg needed to expand their current production level and therefore an investment was needed. The investment from Randek increased the capacity with 100%, besides the investment the production area was increased by 20% and staff increased by 20%. Thus an increase with production area and staff with only 20% + investment from Randek increased the capacity with 100%

What are the main benefits with industrialized house production?

  • High and constant quality
  • Short production time
  • Ability to keep the delivery times

Why did Lindbäcks Bygg choose to purchase production equipment from Randek?

Lindbäcks Bygg has trust in Randek and their competence for:

  • automation equipment for industrialized house production
  • prefabricated house building technology
  • building components (walls, floors, roofs and complete volumes)

These aspects combined make Randek very competent to solve the task.

Did you evaluate the possibility to make the investment from another part than Randek?

We have purchased from other part before and we got disappointed. They could not deliver the same quality level and their competence regarding industrialized building was inadequate.

What is your total impression of the production equipment?

The target of the project is fulfilled and the equipment meets our demand. Thanks to the investment we have managed to double our capacity with only a 20% increase in production area and staff.

What does the staff think about the working method and production equipment?

Their response was positive the working environment has improved cleaner and less heavy lifting etc. The working pace has increased due to more rational production.

Did you hesitate in doing the investment?

No! We needed to increase the capacity and achieve higher quality!

Describe the process from identified need to ready installed solution?

process was initiated by an internal decision for Lindbäcks Bygg that we needed to make an investment in production equipment for industrialized house production. We presented the production area available and how the end product looked like. After this Randek presented the optimal technical solution. The work to educate the organization internally for Lindbäcks Bygg was underestimated and made the process of starting the production longer than planned.

Commets from Randek:

Randek can today offer a service offer including services such as: production flow analysis and methods for industrialized house production. These are the central aspects when starting a new production line.

Has Lindbäcks Bygg any service agreement with Randek?

We have a service agreement with Randek and the service works fine, the technicians from Randek are very qualified and service minded. From time to time the response times have been too long though.

Comment from Randek:

At the time the demand for Randek automation equipment was very strong which created a lack of resources for us, in order to meet the demand we have adjusted the resource level for service.

Lindbäcks Bygg has also chosen to purchase a spare part package and education where we got a basic review of the equipment and due to this we can perform the basic service tasks ourselves.

Studies show that it is possible to cut 50% in total production cost and 60% in shorter lead time by producing industrialized compared to traditional building methods? Do these studies correspond to your own experience?

Production of prefabricated house modules is always done industrialized somehow. What I can say in order to give you a comparable figure is that the cost for wages through the entire chain from production till mounting of the modules is decreased by 50% after we started to produce the modules industrialized with Randek equipment. Further the production time is also decreased by 50%.

What is the possibility for Randek to make more business with Lindbäcks Bygg in the future?

The possibilities look promising!

Describe the production equipment delivered from Randek?

The production equipment consists of a complete house factory for production of prefabricated complete house modules. Wall production line CAD/CAM controlled consists of a framing machine equipped with automatic vacuum lift for beams. Two multi function working bridges equipped with pushers and drill unit, for nailing of cladding and sheets. Butterfly table and working tables. Roof production line CAD/CAM controlled, equipped with gluing unit, glue press and pushers. Butterfly table. Floor production line, semi automatic transport and turning of floor elements. After the production lines there is equipment for effective handling of prefabricated building components, horizontal stocking of walls and vertical stocking of floors and roofs. The prefabricated building components are then transported to the final part of the house factory, the assembly line, the building components are mounted together forming a complete prefabricated house module. When mounted together interior work is done and then they are transported to the building site where they are put together forming multi storey buildings.

Stefan Lindbäck
Plant Manager, Lindbäcks Bygg AB