Investment: Autowall, Robotic wall production line for production of exterior walls.

Start of business: 1994

Time for investment: 2019

Country: Estonia

Reference: Kodumaja Element OÜ, CEO Marti Mets

Kodumaja is a group of companies who produce and mainly build multi - story apartment buildings. Kodumaja is simultaneously a trademark and the name of a group of companies that specialize in construction of high-quality timber frame housing. They use an effective and future-oriented construction method that ensures and conforms to the construction requirements and standards in their strategic markets. Kodumaja have been focused on their main area of activity since 1995. Over 96% of our housing has been built in the Nordic countries - Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland. The remaining 4% can be found on the Estonian market. 2014 – 2015 Kodumaja built, in Bergen (Norway), the world tallest wooden apartment building (14 floors, 52,8 m high)

What was the background for the investment?

In general, due to the situation of the labor market. The main focus is to decrease the cost of labor. Labor cost is constantly increasing therefor we need to make our production more effective to stay competitive on the market. We export a large part of our turnover therefor we need to have an effective production in order to be competitive on the domestic market despite higher comparable transportation cost.

Describe the relation with Randek.

"We have had a long relation with Randek the first contact was made 1998 and we have been discussing different investment options for years."

Why did you chose Randek as a supplier?

"We made a thorough review of different options and the ZeroLabor Robotic System is a very impressive system and as we wanted as high automation level as possible the decision was easy. We also like the people at Randek which also is a significant factor to consider when making this kind of investment."

Why do you think the ZeroLabor is an impressive system?

"Today we need to have many quality checks in the production to eliminate human errors. As the ZeroLabor is a highly automated system we can remove manual operations and quality checks which will increase our productivity dramatically. In general, it is difficult to find workers on the labor market, we need to hire people outside Estonia which is demanding. To have workers not speaking the same language is also challenging. We also struggle with high turnover of workers making the cost for training and introduction a significant cost to consider. We also like the fact that the system is futureproofed as tools and functions can be added in the future if needed. Thus, the system is flexible if we decide to change building system etc."

What will you produce in the ZeroLabor Robotic System?

"We produce modules (volumetric units) and the ZeroLabor Robotic System will produce the wall panels. We have a rather complex building system and for some customers we produce a wall that has 4 layers of sheets on one side of the wall. Here the flexibility and great handling of sheets comes very handy of the ZeroLabor Robotic System."