Investment: Two semiautomated wall machine lines, consisting of Framing station FM1000 RS and Nailing Bridge NB1000F (Controlled with joystick for movement +/ - and horizontal laser function.)

Start of business: 1999

Time for investment: 2019

Country: Ireland

Reference: Business Development Director John Keenan

Keenan Timber Frame is a family owned Irish company and in an environment where construction has contracted by around 80% Keenan Timber Frame has managed to maintain good output by being innovative and proactive. Using Future Frame, the first semi closed air tight panel to be factor produced in Ireland. Future Frame is aimed at the ‘A’ Rated and Passive home builder. As a result of bringing Future Frame to the market, Keenan Timber Frame now have a wide selection of completed ‘A’ Rated projects in their portfolio.

What is the background for the investment?

"We have recently signed a supply deal with one of the biggest builders in Ireland. We are currently moving into a new 170,000 sq./ft factory and we have agreed to supply up on 750 units a year to this builder"

Your first and foremost reason for it?

"To get to 750 units a year we needed more output but from new equipment that was reliable. Obviously we were happy to use Randek to gain this"

What will be the main benefits?

"Main benefit is that we hit our target for year one but we need to get to 1000 units by year 2/3"

What is the reason you decided to choose Randek machines?

"We visited your plant and had a look at some factories using Randek equipment. It's an established brand in our industry so it was a simple decision"

Anything else you would like to add?

"So far the process has been really positive and we are really looking forward to seeing the lines working."