Investment: AutoEye Truss System, including digital vision system, 27 metric ton press, 30 nail plate magazine system, nail plate aligner mechanism and vacuum stacker.

Start of business: 1956

Time for investment: 2018

Country: Austraila

Reference: Owner Graeme Footer

Footers Structual Timber is a third-generation owned and operated South Australia family business. They sell structural timber solutions such as prefabricated roof trusses and floor frames, along with stick timber and ancillary hardware products.

What was the basis for the investment?

"The machine turns up every Monday"

In general what do you think about the system?

"We were relocating our truss plant and the decision was to either bring our older planx system tables with us or get into the next generation of plant – the AutoEye Truss system"

What are the main benefits of the system?

"The AutoEye saves a lot on labour costs and provides a higher quality product with greater reliability. The reduced labour cost means it is easier to create a second shift when needed. The plate placement accuracy and dimensional accuracy are unmatched by the previous systems"

What do you think about the software and service level from Randek?

"We have found the build quality of AutoEye to be excellent and the software reliable and robust. Randek’s aftersale service has been very good with the ability of remote management of the system."