Investment: Double-System SF021

At Burkart-Haus in Renchen, close to Baden-Baden, Germany a Randek Double-System was set into operation. A threetable production line with manual nailing bridge.

The co-owner and managing director Berthold Burkart in an interview:

"We have decided to go for a manual nailing bridge, because we believe that CAD/CAM driven bridges are susceptible and that the supposed advantage is eaten up by extra work in the work preparation department. The manual operation of the bridge over the hand cranks is fine; the work rate is very good. The quality of the wood frame construction is significant better because of the steady nail image. "

"We are very satisfied with the new system of Randek. We are around 20% faster in production, particular due to the fact that we can now pre-fabricate much more in our hall. Our goal is to increase our annual production capacity with the new facility by about 20 houses."

"With the advice of the Randek staff in the planning and quotation phase we were very satisfied. The same applies to the Randek technicians during installation and commissioning of the system."

"Ultimately, we decided to select Randek as the supplier, because we've already bought once Randek, former Burmek, devices, and even then we were very satisfied with the delivered quality."