Investment: Complete System / ZeroLabor, Robotic wall production line for production of exterior/interior walls.

Start of business: 1997

Time for investment: 2020

Country: Sweden

Reference: Sacha Pardon, Press Officer

Owners: Skanska and Ikea

IKEA + Skanska = BoKlok

Skanska knows how to build with quality. IKEA knows how people want to live. A brilliant combination which became BoKlok. Twenty years later 14,000 sustainable homes have been built in Sweden, Finland and Norway. During 2019 BoKlok was launched in the UK.

“We build our houses inside a factory. Partly because it is so effective, we can reduce our transport and the work environment is so much better for our employees. The houses are installed on site in a day or two. Randek is an important supplier for us. Our new production line will enable us to double the production rate and we will be able to produce our new multifamily type of houses faster”
(Sacha Pardon – BoKlok Press officer)

BUILDING THE FUTURE TOGETHER WITH BOKLOK. The trend is energy efficient houses built in wood. Traditional family and multi storey houses built faster than ever thanks to prefab modules, lifted and installed on the building site. Exciting times ahead! Industrial building construction and our new technology give us the opportunity to develop and grow in current new markets. It is with great pride that Randek can share the Swedish building tradition combined with a high level of automation throughout the world. BoKlok is an excellent example of that.