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Randek Polish sales partner Boguslaw Wegrzanowski Randek sales partner since 1998

Soon the Polish branch of Mitek celebrates its 20th anniversary. Isn’t it also the same anniversary of the collaboration between Randek and Mitek?

"Yes. Mitek Industries Poland have been distributing RANDEK machinery since 2001"

You have been working with selling RANDEK products/machines even longer?

“Yes, I was personally involved in the sales of RANDEK in my former job at the Polish branch of Duo-Fast. So, I have been selling RANDEK machines for 23 years”

Your RANDEK marketing activities have many forms?

"Yes. We have organized many regular trips for Polish clients to Swedish and Danish companies to see RANDEK machines at work. Sometimes we have had more than 50 visitors per trip. We also organize national conferences, which we call “Randek days” Last year about 80 visitors attended our event. Unfortunately, this year the pandemic situation forced us to cancel"

How was the sales situation in your country in 2001 compared to now?

"At the beginning, we mainly sold second-hand tables, saws, and presses in Poland. Step by step, the building industry evolved towards new machines, initially in standard versions, and then in more advanced configurations. For example, the most recent saws we sold were all with optional label printers. Lately, we have delivered complete lines, and ongoing inquiries concern advanced solutions, including robots. I am confident selling the latest saws etc though I appreciate the fact that old RANDEK machines are easy to sell due to the fact they are sturdy and longtime lasting machines and they do not lose much in value"

What is the basic rule, you follow when proposing RANDEK machines to Polish customers?

“In our country, there are many small and medium-size producers. We try to understand their needs and propose a solution, which will suit them perfectly. It is like selling shoes - not too small, not too big. For example, I do not try to sell advanced nailing bridges to a start-up company planning to reach the capacity of 40 houses yearly. The time for those will come”

How has the Polish industry of prefab houses changed during the last 20 years?

"The popularity of wooden houses in our country is continuously growing. However, the pace of growth accelerated in the last three year. Some analysts expect that such houses can account for 20% of total residential housing in the future. That would mean the volume of about 15,000 buildings yearly. Besides, Poland is also a significant exporter. There are many producers for whom the local market has only a small share of sales"

What is the situation 2020?

“Despite all problems, the industry of prefab houses in Poland is still in excellent shape. We sell more and more RANDEK machines. We have a sizeable order portfolio. For several months we had to live with travel restrictions. That affected the installation of machines in Poland. Thanks to the online guidance by RANDEK Service technician Johan Svensson, Polish specialists were instructed via a live camera and successfully installed all the saws we delivered”

Thank you Boguslaw

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Randek develops, manufactures and markets high-performance machines and systems for prefabricated house manufacturing. The product range consist of: cut saws, wall floor and roof lines, roof truss system, butterfly tables and special machines. The automation level stretches from fully automated to manual.
The company history goes back to the 1940s and began working in close cooperation with the first prefabricating house producers. Today leading house producers in over 40 countries are using Randek machines and system.