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Wolfgang Horn Founder of HORN Hausbau Technologie Randek sales partner for Germany, Austria, Switzerland and South Tyrol since 2020
22 years experience in the woodworking industry. (international projects and complete factory concepts)
9 years experience with machines and solutions for the building industry Member of DHV. (Deutscher Holzfertigbau Verband)

-Timber and timberframe buildings are an important component to an ecological, liveable future.

-It is a pleasure to work together with such a meaningful industry.

-What drives us is the success of carpenters and building industry.

Wolfgang gave us a short interview. Seeing Randek from the German perspective was quite interesting for us.

Wolfgang, since the beginning of this year you started to sell and inform customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy about Randek machines and solutions. How did you come to this business and why did you choose Randek?

For 22 years I have been working as a consultant and expert for woodworking machinery and complete factory-concepts for woodworking. The last 9 years I specialized in machines and solutions for housebuilding. So I have seen that the German-speaking markets are looking for solutions which – according to my experience – have not been offered in these markets. It was an obvious decision to bring these solutions to the markets.

That sounds quite interesting. Other companies are producing similar machines. What is Randek offering, that you could not find in Germany or Switzerland?

At first sight the machines and solutions look similar. However, just take such a simple product like the Randek BS30 table. We have a customer here in Bavaria who is turning 4 tons solid wood walls with such a standard Randek table. That is quite unique, but – due to new building requirements – more and more important. A really futureproof product. By the way the table was built in 1997 and is still working like at the first day! If you compare the components of the Randek BS30 table with other tables, then you understand why it is so robust and strong.

You probably think about the motorical clamping and the 3 hydraulic cylinders. But tables are just one of Randeks products. What about saws and portals?

The joinery and trimming saws are also a good example. The Randek SPL728 is a really straight forward product with an excellent price-performance ratio. When it comes to a 5 axis saw for the economical production of wall-elements, trusses or a fast machine for the packaging industry, nobody could show me anything comparable . At the same time the machine is operator friendly, the cutting data are just sent from the workpreparation office to the machine. Randek joinery saws are economical, solid, save, straightforward solutions for customers who look for an operator-friendly machine at great value for money. Talking about portals I am always impressed when seeing an NB3000 with its unique 3T – construction and a beam that is carrying 4 fasteners, which all move independently. Due to the 3T-construction the NB3000 is extremely robust which leads to superior precision and high production capacity. Day in day out, year after year. According to my experience the NB3000 multifunctionportal is probably the most solid portal in its price-range.

You just spoke about the classical Randek products. What about AutoEye and ZeroLabor?

There is no doubt that these solutions are game-changers. They show the innovative drive and the forward-thinking of Randek. The first AutoEye has already been successfully installed in Germany and the customer is quite satisfied. If you want to be a bigger player in the field of trusses, you should think about AutoEye now. The question for big companies: do you want to be ahead of the competition or do you hesitate till the competition is ahead of you? Maybe the future proofs me wrong, but I am convinced that at the latest in 5 to 10 years all big players in the truss-business have a Randek AutoEye. Nevertheless smaller manufacturers which are supplying trusses mainly to local markets and with a strong personal relationship to their customerbase will continue to exist. Their advantage is the proximity to the customer, the flexibility and quite often also the qualification of their staff. And with the Truss System NT we can offer a system which is very suitable for them and good value for money.

Concerning ZeroLabor we are in discussions with several companies, medium sized ones as well as big prefab industry. Here we talk about complete production lines and usually it takes a year or longer before the final decision is made. I am convinced: when the first ZeroLabor in Germany, Autria or Switzerland runs, it will change everything. Now production managers still keep their old technology because it is still running and they do not want to change a working system. However, ZeroLabor is not a normal new system. It is a disruptive solution. For some sectors of the building industry – not for all - it will have an effect like the internet: Even if your fax-machine was still working: you had to change to email or you were out of business. For the other sectors Randek continues to develop and offer practical and straight forward solutions at good value for money. And that fits very well to my personal philosophy: Customers simply should invest in economical and futureproof solutions. If this is the case, then they will always be profitable, even in hard times. Because they will be ahead of the competition. If you see it like this, then you understand why I am quite happy to inform customers about Randek solutions.

Thank you Wolfgang

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Randek develops, manufactures and markets high-performance machines and systems for prefabricated house manufacturing. The product range consist of: cut saws, wall floor and roof lines, roof truss system, butterfly tables and special machines. The automation level stretches from fully automated to manual.
The company history goes back to the 1940s and began working in close cooperation with the first prefabricating house producers. Today leading house producers in over 40 countries are using Randek machines and system.