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Merry Christmas

As 2022 comes to a close, we can look back and pinpoint quite a few crucial steps but first, we want to thank all our customers for fantastic cooperation in 2022!    

Robotic blow-in insulation cell

Our blow-in Robotic insulation cell allows you to significantly increase the efficiency and quality of your insulating process,  to become more cost-effective by removing the repetitive and strenuous job of manually fitting the insulation.

Light Gauge Steel System

We are thrilled to present our Light Gauge Steel Framing System - Our timber product range has been adapted for the production of Light Gauge steel frame components. 

Randek House factory startup concept webinar

In this webinar, we focused on our well-proven house factory concept for the small to the mid-size manufacturer. This concept includes our cut saw, butterfly tables and manual roof-truss system, laser projection system, and more. 

Randek SCM Cooperation

SCM and Randek together to build the future of timber construction. SCM and Randek join forces in a new global cooperation, where the aim is to be a one-stop supplier for the complete timber construction process offering the widest range of solutions for beams, walls, timber frame, X-lam/CLT panels machining.

Merry Christmas from Team Randek

And that´s a wrap for the year! A big thank you to all our colleagues who worked hard throughout the year to commission all kinds of projects from our product portfolio, small, medium, and large projects around the world. A big thank you to all our customers who challenge us to develop new innovations to further increase accuracy and quality. This helps make the manufacture of our prefabrication even more efficient.

Randek webinar and update

Randek Webinar and Update 2021

Calling all you PREFABULOUS construction professionals around the globe. Find out what Randek have been up to by booking your spot on our upcoming Webinar!

Randek UK - Joint venture

Randek UK - Director Gordon Young
Driven by sustainability targets, labour shortages and the requirement for large scalable house manufacturing.

Randek Polish sales partner Boguslaw Wegrzanowski

Randek Polish sales partner Boguslaw Wegrzanowski Randek sales partner since 1998

Norwegian Truss Association

Randek now a member of the Norwegian Roof Truss Manufacturers Association NTF!
Norske Takstolprodusenters Forening, NTF

The association's main purpose is to work for the development, approval and use of finished, load-bearing wooden structures in all forms and act as a joint coordinate unit between the authorities, institutions and the business community. Another main task is to work for healthy competition in the industry. The purpose is to ensure that constructions delivered by the association's members are of the best quality and in accordance with current regulations. The member companies are obliged to comply with the association's terms and conditions.

Randek partner for Germany, Austria, Switzerland and South Tyrol

Wolfgang Horn Founder of HORN Hausbau Technologie Randek sales partner for Germany, Austria, Switzerland and South Tyrol since 2020
22 years experience in the woodworking industry. (international projects and complete factory concepts)
9 years experience with machines and solutions for the building industry Member of DHV. (Deutscher Holzfertigbau Verband)

Time to look forward - not backwards

As we face the future, emerging from one of humanities biggest crisis yet, we need to think carefully about our next step. How do we handle our production chains, what if our employees get sick? How do we manage our work sites and factories to keep the virus from spreading? Can automation help us keep the distance and production capacity?

Randek 2020

2020 here we come! but first a summary of what happened in 2019!

2019 Summary

We have closed 2019 and we thank all our customers and partners for a fantastic year. 2019 was a great and challenging year we made several installations globally from our entire product portfolio. We sold our first CAD/CAM-controlled wall production line to Latin America and sold several ZeroLabor Robotic Systems whereof one to a low-cost country. The 10th AutoEye contract was signed. All this combined we look forward to 2020 and foresee the growing demand with great confidence.

Randek on the frontpage of Manufacturing Today

Great article in the magazine Manufacturing Today!
Randek chairman Johan Larsholm; “The prefabricated home manufacturing sector is very buoyant and as demands for prefabrication grows, so does demand for automation equipment”

Award - Excellence in Innovation

Randek together with our agent Bliss & Reels were awarded "Excellence in Innovation" in Australia.
The Swedish Australian Chamber of Commerce annually award Swedish business achievements in Australia.

Randek Plant

Randek AB moves into a new production and development facility. The new plant will strongly increase the capacity. The plant is located in Falkenberg Sweden.

0% complaints for Randek C-frames after 10 years on the market

Randek launched a newly developed C-frame for the roof truss presses over 10 years ago and despite high sales volumes 0% complaints has been made. C-frames are exposed to very high loads during pressing and this can, over time, lead to crack formations in the C-frame. Randek well tested C-frames do not have this problem! The C-frame is used for all Randek presses 23-35 tons.

Ligna Highlight Tour

The AutoEyeTruss System was awarded the highlight of the Ligna exhibition
Each Ligna exhibition the Deutsche Messe awards the highlights of the exhibition in terms of most innovative and groundbreaking product/system. Over 300 companies applied this year and the AutoEyeTruss System, together with 5 other companies, was awarded the highlight of Ligna.