Butterfly Table BS40


Randek butterfly working table table BS40 is an efficient tool when producing prefabricated walls, floors, roofs, and gable elements in timber frame or steel frame. The tables can be used separately or combined in a production line. High quality is achieved due to the clamping function that guarantees the squaring of the building component. The turning of the building element is done with a controlled automatic process. High productivity is achieved because the butterfly table is optimized for prefabricated house production.
BS40 is a combination of 1 BS30OU upraise working table and BS30R receive working table. Butterfly table BS40 is a flexible product, many options can be added in order to meet every customer demand, read more under headline options.

Functional description

The following processes can be done in the working table / butterfly table:

  • Fast and efficient width adjustment with the motorized width adjustment function.
  • Automatic turning of building component, the up raiser table raises and flips over the building component during a controlled process to the receiver table, and the building component is turned.
  • Clamping of the building component, motorized lead screws presses with the stoppers on the long side the building component into a high quality squared component.
  • Placement of stoppers or cylinders in the hole beams that runs parallel with short side of the table, the purpose is to achieve an optimized support/press when angled or complex shape building component.
  • Plug in of tool, air and electronics directly on the butterfly table.
  • The table is developed in order to efficiently perform the following processes: building of framework put on and nail sheets, nailing of plastic of paper foil and insulation of building component.

Technical description

  • Length ¤ mm (available in the following lengths 6000, 7200, 8400, 9600, 10800 and 12000 mm)
  • Motorized width adjustment between 2100 - 3300 mm, placement of stoppers in the hole beams enables clamping of building components with smaller dimensions than 2100 mm.
  • Hole beams, runs parallel with the short side of the table. In the hole beams stoppers or cylinders can be placed.
  • Clamping function, motorized lead screws guarantees parallelism when clamping/squaring of the building component.
  • Hydraulically upraisable to 86/94°.
  • Stoppers height 200 mm.
  • The working tables are covered with ply wood as far as technically possible, the sheets enables building of framework and placement of beams directly on the working table.
  • The tables are built in strong steel profiles
  • The working height of the tables is optimal 700 mm
  • The tables are designed to make it possible to add a multi function working bridge
  • Air and electronics connections on the working table.


  • Equipped with safety stop
  • CE-marked


  • Squared building components, clamping function also guarantees 100% parallelism
  • Automatic and controlled turning of the building component
  • Optimized working height
  • Fast and efficient width adjustment
  • Possibility to build angled and complex building components efficient, the hole beams gives possibility to support/press.
  • Electronics and air connection directly on the working tables.